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Thursday, June 22, 2017 7:51 PM

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Bim's Best

Food Fest to top them all

SO MUCH Bajan food in one location, the mere thought is enough to fill the soul with eternal joy.

This is exactly what Innoventive, the company behind the Bajan Celebration Food Festival and Bim's Best Competition is promising patrons on Independence Day, Monday, November 30.

Just come across to the grounds of the Barbados Museum anytime between 12 noon and six in the evening and sample some of the best Barbadian cuisine on the island.

If you have ever been to Oistins, Christ Church, and sampled the succulent offerings of Uncle George's Fish Net, then the Barbados Museum should be a must visit come November 30.

The irresistible aroma of fish will be wafting through the air.

Lovers of 'cook food' will be able to get a number of their favourite Bajan dishes done the Moontown way.

When word gets around that those experts from The Souse Factory in St John will be manning a stall at the Bajan Celebration Food Festival, there could be a stampede as patrons rush to put in orders.

There is scarcely a Barbadian who does not eat fishcakes.

Always a favourite at any function, some of us once we start to eat, find it difficult to be satisfied with two or three – we always want more.

So when you get to the festival on Independence Day, Hot Legendary Fishcakes will deliver the goods.

If you love a good Bajan salt bread, sweet bread or turnover, Baker's Mart will deliver.

The aim of the festival is to expose as many people as possible to some of the best names in local cuisine but it is not just for Barbadians.

Visitors wishing to taste the foods which have sustained us for generations are welcome to come to the Barbados Museum, too.

It's an opportunity for tourists to discover how filling treats like cutters can be and see just how many different types Barbadians have created.

Pork and chicken lovers may be forgiven if they visit the grounds of the museum and become convinced that they have stumbled into paradise.

If perchance indigenous sweets like comforts and sugar cakes are your passion, chances are you will find them at the food festival as well.

With just over two weeks go Innoventive's managing director Jonathan Reid said "we are comfortable with where we are at" and just a few nuts and bolts in the organisational infrastructure remained to be tightened.

He said, however, that "we have the majority of the vendors that we went after but the opportunity is still there for last minute people".

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